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Fluoride Treatment Redmond OR

A woman receiving Fluoride Treatment in Redmond ORWhen used appropriately, fluoride can provide much-needed resilience to your teeth. Fluoride can provide added strength by rebuilding lost minerals and in turn, prevent decay. Dr. Clark can help you have stronger teeth by evaluating the current status of your enamel and provide a simple, painless fluoride treatment when it’s determined to be beneficial. Our staff at Clark Family Dental strives to set our patients up for long-term dental health, and enhancing the integrity of the enamel is a tool that can help.

When feeling your teeth, they feel like a smooth, flat surface, but if you were to examine your teeth under a microscope, you would see that it is anything but smooth or flat. The enamel of your teeth is comprised of many shards of hard minerals all layering over and on top of each other. As you use your teeth through normal chewing, pieces of these minerals break off. The loss of these mineral shards is known as demineralization. It is a natural process, but so is the rebuilding, or remineralization.

Remineralization of your enamel is comprised of the intake of calcium, phosphate, and fluoride. Patients get calcium from eating leafy greens and dairy products. Phosphate comes from eating dairy products, along with nuts and whole grains. Fluoride is often found in the water we drink and a variety of foods including eggs, fish, other meats, and even from drinking tea. Additionally, most toothpaste and mouthwashes now come with fluoride. To increase this much-needed mineral, we offer a fluoride treatment to our patients twice a year at their regular dental cleaning appointments. Fluoride provides added resilience and strengthens the integrity of your teeth.

Topical Fluoride Treatment

Following your dental cleaning, Dr. Clark may recommend a topical fluoride treatment. The level of fluoride given in our office is higher than the patient can obtain at the store from a toothpaste or mouthwash, even if the label boasts that the product is high in fluoride.

Most often, we will use one of two types of prescribed fluoride treatments.

•  Acidulated phosphate fluoride (APF):The average fluoridated toothpaste contains 0.22% fluoride, this contains 1.23% fluoride.
•  Neutral sodium fluoride:This type of fluoride is generally given to patients who suffer from dry mouth, or have previous dental work in their mouth including fillings, dental crowns or bridges.

Fluoride treatments are applied as a gel, rinse or foam following your dental cleaning. Fluoride gels and foams are often applied with the use of a tray that is set over your teeth. Dr. Clark will have it rest on your teeth for up to four minutes. At times, Dr. Clark may choose to paint a fluoride varnish directly onto the teeth that are in most need of it. Topical fluorides given in our office should never be swallowed.

If you have questions about fluoride treatments, and how they can increase the overall strength of your teeth, contact Clark Family Dental for more information.
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