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Dental Technology
Young woman being shown her digital x-ray at Clark Family Dental in Redmond, OR The tools and technology in dentistry have come a long way in recent years. Improvements have made procedures less invasive, reducing downtimes. Other improvements have made dental restorations that look exactly like your natural teeth. At Clark Family Dental, we take advantage of the latest dental technologies and techniques to provide you with the best oral care possible.

CEREC Technology

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramics. It utilizes CAD/CAM, or computer-aided design, computer-aided manufacturing, technology to create ceramic restorations, and common dental crowns. It can also be used to make inlays, onlays, bridges, and crowns for dental implants. After a digital scan of your mouth, the image is displayed almost immediately on a computer monitor. With the use of specialized software, we can design a restoration that will fit perfectly within the parameters of your mouth. Once the design phase is complete, the information is sent to a milling machine, where your restoration is created. With CEREC, the need for additional visits and a waiting period for your restorations is eliminated.

3D Scanning

3D scanning is a type of imaging that utilizes CBCT, or cone beam computed tomography, technology. This type of imaging is similar to an X-ray, but the images produced are more similar to a CT scan that you might receive in a hospital setting. A cone-shaped X-ray beam rotates 360 degrees around your head, taking a series of images. The scan takes less than 60 seconds. In just a few additional seconds, the images are strung together to create a single 3-dimensional picture of your mouth and the structures contained within. The image allows us to see your mouth from multiple angles and zoom in on specific regions of your mouth. We can see the smallest details of your mouth, making a more accurate diagnosis and a more effective treatment plan.

3D Printing New Teeth

3D printing is a way of creating dental restorations one layer at a time, rather than carving them out of a block of material. After a scan of your mouth, the information is sent to the printer, and the process begins. Printing new teeth offers a few advantages, such as being able to use a wider variety of materials, creating models, and it can more closely recreate tiny details of your teeth. We can provide you with your restorations in a single visit, avoiding the need for temporary restorations and additional appointments.

Milling Teeth

Milling utilizes CAD/CAM technology to create dental restorations. After taking a scan of your mouth and designing your restorations, the information is sent to the milling machine. Milling is common with CEREC, and ceramic restorations. We place a single block of ceramic that closely matches the color of your natural teeth into the machine. The machine then shapes the ceramic to the specifications of your image. With an in-house milling machine, we can create your restorations right in our office. This means that you get your restorations the same day, rather than waiting and wearing a temporary restoration.

New technologies and techniques have greatly improved the quality of our service to you. For more information on restoration technologies, call Clark Family Dental today at (541) 604-2900.

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